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Snowborn Reform

Cody_svk / Mar 30, 2018
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Hello Snowbornians!

It may seem that I am not very active…However, even though it is true that I am not very active in game, I am still very active in Snowborn…Therefore, today I release Snowborn Reform which makes changes to the current state of Snowborn, and should help Snowborn to move forward in a way…Those who don’t want to read the whole stuff, check Summary at the bottom…

Why I don’t see Cody playing ESO?
At the moment, there are Snowborn projects on which I am working on, and these projects take a lot of time. I like working on these projects, and I want to finish them, so instead of playing ESO all day, I rather work on my notebook on making progress on these Snowborn projects…It is not that I don’t want to play ESO anymore, I enjoy playing with you guys, but when there is nothing going on online, I rather prefer to work. And instead of having my PS4 turned on while working (and waiting for stuff to happen), I don’t turn my PS4 on while I am working. So that is the reason why you don’t see me often online. However, if you read more, you will discover how Snowborn Reform fixed this problem. (see Call Ally)

Why there is nothing going on in Snowborn?
As I said earlier, I am working on Snowborn projects, so I don’t have plenty of time to spend playing daily. I tried to organize few events, but the participation was quite low, so that was quite unmotivating me to organize more events. However, if you read about Snowborn Reform, you discover how I plan on fixing this problem. (see Looking for Officers)


Because of what I wrote above, I cannot be the guildmaster that I used to be before (playing daily, organizing events, etc.) Therefore, in order to continue with Snowborn, there is need for some changes that help to solve the issues of inactivity and lack of guild events.

Discord Server

Discord is a chat application. I cannot stay very active in the game, but I am and will be very active on this Discord chat, because whenever I am working on Snowborn projects, I have my Discord application active. Therefore, instead of having in-game chat All Members 1 as the main communication tool, Snowborn Reform is making our Discord server the main communication tool for Snowborn. I plan on upgrading our Discord chat, and here are few new features that are coming right now:

Call Ally (new channel) – here you can request other Snowbornian for help (need someone for dungeon/trial? or to help you fight a world boss?) or you can invite Snowbornians for your activities (playing PvP and want to invite others to join you? or are you collecting skyshards and you wouldn’t mind others join you?)…With Call Ally on Discord, you will be able to reach not only players that are currently online, but also those that don’t have their PS4 turned on…(sound familiar? while I work on Snowborn Projects I am not online in the game, but if you give a shout in Call Ally, I can come and join you when I am available)

Builds (new channel) – here you can check or post the best builds, no matter whether they are for trials, dungeons, PvP, or leveling…

Tips & Tricks (new channel) – here you can check or share your best tips and tricks (best farming location, easy gold, leveling tips, etc.)

Snowborn Projects (new section) – here you can track progress of Snowborn project – so you can see that I am not inactive

+ more later

Because Discord chat will be the new Snowborn number 1 communication tool, it is highly recommended that you join us there…

here you can download the application:
here is the invite to our Snowborn server:

Guild Song

You have probably already heard that Snowborn Song is one of the main Snowborn projects…However, I don’t want to plagiarize someone else´s work, so I am creating the whole thing from scratch – which takes a lot of time and effort…Snowborn Song will not only come with original lyrics and sound, but also its own video clip. I don’t want to spoil anything by releasing all information as I progress, but you will be able to check the progress in the new discord server section – Snowborn Projects…once everything is done, Snowborn Song will be released…

However, since you have not seen anything from Snowborn Song yet, here is a small sneak peak of chorus sound + video clip design preview:

Chorus Sneak Peak:
Video clip design preview:

Looking for Snowborn Officers

Last but not least, because I am not able to be as active in game, Snowborn is looking for new officers who will keep Snowborn also active in the game – by organizing and participating in guild events…

Requirements and Tasks:
- join Discord Snowborn chat
- playing ESO regularly
- organizing and participating in guild events
- increasing in-game activity
- joining All Members 1 in-game voice channel of Snowborn while online

…do you think you have what it takes? Apply for officer rank now by messaging Cody on our Discord Snowborn server!


- Cody will not be very active in-game, but stays active in Snowborn (Snowborn Discord chat, Snowborn Projects)
- Discord Snowborn chat is the main communication tool for Snowborn, so join it now to stay as active Snowbornian
(download application here:
(invite to our Snowborn server here:
- Snowborn Song is the main Snowborn project – you can check its progress on Snowborn Discord chat
- Looking for officers to keep Snowborn active also in-game


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