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Cody is Back as Guildmaster of Snowborn

Cody_svk / Mar 13, 2018
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Hello Snowbornians,

for those who don’t know me, I am Cody – a Snowbornian who was here since the beginning of the guild in June 2015. I have become guildmaster of Snowborn in January 2016, until I passed on the leadership to Kim in August 2017 due to school (writing bachelor thesis) and being burned out of ESO (I had been playing for over 2 years daily)…

However, recently I have been online more often (because I finished my bachelor thesis), and after over a half a year break of ESO, I enjoy playing ESO again…Today, Kim has contacted me that now he came to the point where he is slowing down a bit with ESO, and therefore doesn’t feel like staying as the guildmaster. Because I am able to be more active again, Kim decided to let me take over Snowborn once again…

Those who know me already know that I make improvements, changes, and content for Snowborn…Thus, to celebrate and symbolize my return, Snowborn changes back to the original logo and guild tabard (they are slightly updated, but generally almost the same)…Here are the changes on the timeline:

Additionally, things to do for upcoming future:
- improve our Discord chat
- make in-game voice channel more active
- create our own Snowborn guild song (in progress)
- and more…

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Welcome back Cody! ❄️ Yay to the logo!!!!! 🙌🏻😍
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