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NEWS: The Road Ahead

Cody_svk / Jul 29, 2017
Just few days after the launch of ESO in June 2015, Snowborn has come to life. At first, all I cared about was questing and leveling 3 of my 6 characters that I have created within the first 2 weeks of launch. However, it didn´t take long and soon I appeared in an unknown guild called Snowborn. I still remember the day when I was questing in the wilderness of Grathwood when I joined All Members 1 of Snowborn and quietly listened to ongoing officer meeting where Will kicked and banned one guy (whose name I don’t even remember) for being rude. Nobody ever heard about him afterwards – most likely because he became the first, and the only one ever, whose IP address is blocked on the snowborn website. I remember the day, because it was the day when for me Snowborn became more than just “a guild”…

Here we are now, more than 2 years later, and now one can only wonder what would happen if I never joined the voice chat that night…the only thing that is for sure is that Snowborn would not be the same, if at all…Ever since I received the responsibility for Snowborn I´ve been working hard to make it the best, and I will continue with that…but nothing lasts forever…it is not a secret that I haven’t been online a lot recently, and most likely it is not going to change much…The disadvantage that Snowborn has is that it is centered around ESO, and when one loses interest in ESO, it is hard to keep up with Snowborn. Because mostly invisible Guildmaster is not in the best interest for Snowborn, I will pass the responsibility to ensure that I don’t hold Snowborn back and that it can continue to move forward.

Therefore, beginning with August, Kim will be given the rank of Leader and will take the responsibility for organizing, maintaining and further development of Snowborn. However, this does not mean that I am leaving Snowborn – I will just become Snowbornian who is not expected to show up every day, to organize events, or to create new stuff to make Snowborn a better place…because there is another person to do all the stuff…right Kimbo?


I will most definately do my best.
Wow Cody! Big announcement! I'm sorry to hear that this has happened. Since you took over from Conde, you have done an amazing job at looking after us Snowbornians. THANK YOU for all that you have done for us. The activities, the games, the quizzes, the riddles, the coaching and advice and the awesome videos... So much time and effort you have put in and I want you to know how much we appreciate it. It makes it a great guild to be in and I love Eso more because it. You are one of the best players I know and I'm happy to hear that you're sticking with us.
As for the person you picked to take over...
Hhmmmm..... Well....... Lol
Actually, Kim is a great for the job and I have really enjoyed the trial runs he has organised, the advice he has given me and how he kept his cool even when I'm failing miserably!
So thanks again Cody!!! And Congrats & best of luck to Kim!!!

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