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NEWS: Need to Reapply + Dueling Tournament

Cody_svk / Mar 02, 2017
Hey Snowbornians!

This month we are going through some major changes - we are cleansing the guild from inactive players -> this way we will have better overview how many active players we have in Snowborn...

1) New Application

The new application is much better than the old one, because:
- it is short and clear
- it contains 6 pictures that make it more visually appealing
- it serves as introduction to Snowborn explaining the most important information

Therefore, to ensure that everyone goes through the 6 pictures to be sure to know the most important information about Snowborn, all old applications will be denied and access to Snowborn website will be lost...Those who wish to stay in Snowborn will just need to submit the new application -> so it is simple and easy...However, those who do not submit the new application in one month (by April 1, 2017) will be also removed in game and will lose all access to Snowborn until they decide to submit the new application

2) New LINE app chats

Additionally, we will do the same with our LINE app chats -> a new chat will be created and only those who reapply will gain access to this chat...Then, in one month, the old chats will be deleted and only the new chats will stay...This way we will also get rid of inactive players in our LINE app chats

3) Recruitment Campaign

To prevent big loss in numbers by removal of inactive players, a new recruitment campaign is starting with the purpose to get new active players...

4) Dueling Tournament

The upcoming week we will have Dueling Tournament to tests our PvP skills in preparation for Battlegrounds...Every Snowbornian can sign up with one character for free, or with 2 for a small fee...follow this link to learn more and sign up...


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