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NEWS (2017) - Snowborn Challenges are here!

Cody_svk / Jan 01, 2017
Hey Snowbornians!

Starting now, on January 1, 2017, everyone has the chance to show how big Snowbornian they are!

Sign up now in the Snowborn Challenges post by adding a comment. You will be added to the list in the master document where you can view the challenges and your progress, progress of others, and also total progress of everyone in Snowborn!

Be aware that Snowborn Challenges have just been released, so there are more features, tools, and also new challenges coming sooner or later...enjoy!

In one month (February 2017), the progress in Snowborn Challenges will be linked to guild ranks - it will be somehow a measurement of activity

UPDATE: Due to low interest, Snowborn Challenges are not active at the moment...However, if there is enough interest, Snowborn Challenges may come back later...


A spreadsheet always excites me haha
Is this still going?
Not really (that means no)...There were not many people interested, so I started focusing more on other things (like new application form, website for trials, introduction video...)...However, these Snowborn Challenges have good potential for a lot of fun, so if people show interest, Snowborn Challenges may come back in an updated form...
ahhh no worries! Maybe I can get a few people interested... I know i'm going to take a while before i can join any real games so i just want to be able to do something with you guys!

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