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NEWS: Major Changes Coming in 2017 + New Design of Guild Schedule

Cody_svk / Dec 13, 2016
Hey Snowbornians,

There has not been a lot of activity lately. In our opinion, this was caused by 2 things:

- lack of stuff to do in ESO (people getting bored)
- unsuitable system for guild activities planning (weekly schedule does not work well for others to list their own events)

Therefore, we have decided to bring solution to both of these problems...

1 - Snowborn Challenges in progress - we cannot bring new stuff to ESO to have more things to do, but we can bring new stuff to Snowborn that will give us more opportunities to have fun together. Guilds are here to make playing ESO more enjoyable. However, we will not use our guild to have more fun in ESO, but instead, we will use ESO to have more fun in Snowborn! Therefore, starting with 2017, Snowborn will have its own Snowborn Challenges that will give Snowbornians more things to do...Basically, these Snowborn Challenges will be like unique achievements that will give points to you when you complete them - this will enable you to progress in the guild and earn your rank. Since the number of points will be linked to Guild Ranks, this will be a perfect measurement of activity and progress in the guild.

In order to give you a better idea, let´s show you an example. Below are just few of the upcoming Snowborn Challenges that will give you points:

Buy Snowborn Guild Tabard - 1 point
Join Snowborn LINE app - 1 point
Become Regular Snowborn LINE app user - 3 points
Join Snowborn Voice Chat - 1 point
Become Regular Snowborn Voice Chat participant - 3 points
Create a post on Snowborn Website - 1 point
Comment a post on Snowborn Website - 1 point
Write your introduction on Snowborn Website - 1 point
Solve a Snowborn Riddle - 1 point
Become Regular Snowborn Riddle solver - 3 points
Participate in Snowborn Trial - 1 point
Become Regular Snowborn Trial Participant - 3 points
Participate in Snowborn Dueling - 1 point
Participate in Snowborn PvP - 1 point
Become Regular Snowborn PvP participant - 3 points
Complete Geronimo Challenge (jump off Alessian Bridge) - 1 point
Complete Horse Acrobatics Challenge (jump around the pillars of resource tower on horse without falling down) - 1 point
Complete Spindle Actor Challenge (dab the text of chosen character in Spindleclutch) - 1 point

These challenges will be anywhere from joining the guild, using Snowborn tools, participating in guild activities, up to special unique challenges that will blow your mind!

The whole list of all Snowborn Challenges will be available on the website. The way of taking note of everyone´s progress will be done by special Excel document that will show you which achievements you have done, which you can do, how many points you currently have and what progress you have made. Because it will take a lot of work to do it, the expected launch of Snowborn Challenges is starting of year 2017.

2 - New Design of Guild Schedule - Snowborn will abandon the currently used Weekly Schedule and will change to Progressive Schedule. This means that the schedule will not be changed weekly, but whenever a new guild activity or news are listed. Basically, it will make it easier for others to list their own events, and will also make it easier to see the upcoming events.


Beating Cody in a dual - 10 points
Getting Cody to swear - 10 points
Getting Cody to rage quit - 10 points
Getting Cody to explain something 3 times - 10 points

In all seriousness i think these are fun for newcomers and people that aren't very active in the chat etc, get them active in guild activities.It's not really for me to want to achieve those things. i want to run more veteran trials, have good dueling tournaments, or even PvP duels (2v2,3v3 even 4v4!)
I guess if we all want the guild to be more active and/or participate more, all of us regular players need to find ways to integrate others within our own activities and interests. (Not just dungeons and especially not WGT Kim😞)
I'm done with scouring guild traders, i'm going to make more of an effort to organise activities in my free time instead. Look forward to seeing you all in game on Thursday (even you Erik 😋)
Fyi.. I havent done vWGT in a couple days now. :)
It seems like you put alot more work on urself by doing this?

How did you plan this to combine with ranks?

And im with David on this one, its not really something for me to achieve...? But good for new comers. Guess we will see what happens.
Well I doubt like me you guys haven't completed those 3 unique ones yet? Those sound fun and I hope people can come up with lots more of them!
Basically each challenge will give you then your rank will be according to how many points you have (for example, Recruit+ = 5+, Member = 15+, Exalted = 30+, Elite = 60+)...However, the levels will be based on how many points it will be possible to get, so it's not sure yet...

I will probably do it in a way that these Snowborn Challenges will start in January, and at the start of February (after people will have a month to get some points), the ranks will be based just on these points...(also, it will be clear to see who doesn't care to participate, so those can be removed based on clear evidence of inactivity)

Additionally, these Snowborn Challenges will not be retroactive, so everyone will get the opportunity to earn points and progress...And since it will be done in Excel document, it will be possible to see the most active player for each activity...
Which unique ones Kelly?
The last 3 on the list.
Thank you for investng so much to make our gaming experience better. Maybe am notso active, but its a personality thing, hopefuly i'll improve. I like the point system, did something similar once at work to get employees to enjoy what they do more and have the 'earn point' incentive even when they dont enjoy their job. Thank you guys, and special thx to Cody and kim for constantly giving advice and direction.

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