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Ideas and Suggestions

[Pinned] Ideas for Snowborn Challenges

you can read about the upcoming Snowborn Challenges over here...the purpose of this post is to think about interesting ideas for unique Snowborn Challenges - think about the history, the players, or the best moments when playing ESO...Share your i...
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Cody_svk1460Small Cody_svk 1y
Ideas and Suggestions

Veteran Trials, anyone?

How about an event for a veteran trial?Maybe we shouldn't start with Lorkhaj, but I think there are enough Snowbornians, that are able to do this.We could start a thread here, to discuss the perfect gear for a group (one healer wears worm, one sta...
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Tino aka Stereo81040Small Tino aka Stereo 1y
Ideas and Suggestions

"Lets look for treasure" - Terrence and Phillip

Update 12 (Link to patch notes)otherwise known as One Tamriel is live on the PTS (Public Test Server), What it is, is the ability to travel anywhere, at any time, in Tamriel. Every player will scale to max level and gear drops in that zone will dr...
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Ideas and Suggestions

Beginners events

There has been a lot of new members in the past few months, most of which i have never heard speak or played the game with that i would like to get to know (just a little πŸ˜‹). What i am suggesting is to have a few events initially, which i am willi...
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Ideas and Suggestions

Running the old content

Hey so i realize we might be lacking a few people for consistent trails but maybe if we made this a thing people would sign up! Basically lets run the old trials AA and Hel ra and that 3rd i dont recall what its called O something... Besides that ...
Member avatar small Iwo666 2y
Iwo6664487Small Marhave 2y
Ideas and Suggestions

LINE app - new chat purely for grouping?

Hey guys,I can see that already quite many people have joined and been using LINE app...The purpose why we started with LINE app was to use it for grouping up, but now it seems to be used mostly as general chat...To make things clear, I don't mind...
Small Cody_svk 2y
Cody_svk4574Small McAttack 2y
Ideas and Suggestions

Competition ideas / events

PvP ideas. I dont PvP or sewers much atm.Telvar star - most stones in a week?Hide n Seek - Cyrodil, not sewers. Group of us go to a point and the nominated person goes somewhere else, they then give occassional clues say a screenshot on community ...
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Ideas and Suggestions

The suggestions box

ey'up!We've pretty much arrived as a guild now - we're sitting pretty in the upper 60s in terms of members (we've told ourselves we won't ever have more than 75 members) and we've got more and more players getting into the VR ranks and powering th...
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Ideas and Suggestions

Gold + Guild stores, making and using them effectively.

Howdy folks,This is a topic to help people understand the in game economy, how to get the best out of it for yourself, but most importantly, how to get to a point where we can make it work best for the guild as a whole.First off, making gold;At lo...
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McAttack4483Small Cody_svk 2y
Ideas and Suggestions

Craglorn Achievements

Another thing that I know many people would like, is doing theachievements in Craglorn. So putting up a group or multiple groups depending how many whos up for it would be an idea. I know the area is out dated but it was more for the achievement a...
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Ideas and Suggestions

PSN Community with notifications about guild news and updates?

HINT (for lazy readers): the important info is highlighted - it is enough to read only the highlighted text to understand the postHey,I feel like the Message of the Day is not the best option for informing the players about guild news and updates,...
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Cody_svk3283Small Cody_svk 2y
Ideas and Suggestions

Alt days?

What's up guys and girls!Wondering if Alt themed days are a thing people would like to see?Basically it's just a session where we all level alts of a particular class.Any thoughts?
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