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[Pinned] New Intricate items list (Sign up)

This thread is intended for players who do not have a max crafter in any profession primarily. Only 1 profession can be listed at any one time. Once you have achieved your desired level in that profession could you post on here your new profession...
Small Callaghan83 2y
Callaghan83 182180Small Callaghan83 1y

Crafting Traits Spreadsheet

Since moving from PC to PS4 (short story, but not for here) I am missing my addons, specifically my crafting based ones. I now find myself using notebooks, scraps of paper, the wall, to keep track of where I am and what I am doing.So I knocked up ...
Small Sings-For-Mead 1y
Sings-For-Mead1453Small Sings-For-Mead 1y

Budding Alchemists and Enchanters!

Hello everyone!With recent shifts and movements in the guild we find ourselves a little dry on the alchemist and enchanter frontDo we have anyone currently leveling or interested in leveling these skill lines?If so we can help!
Small FullmetalBenG 2y
FullmetalBenG263402Small angrygrimace 1y

Stereo at your service

Because I also maxed out my crafting skills and researched everything available I want to offer my service.It doesen't matter if you need pieces for researching purposes or need a set like twice-born star just write here, in Line chat or ingame an...
Small Tino aka Stereo 1y
Tino aka Stereo0241Small Tino aka Stereo 1y

9 Trait crafter available for free

Just started researching my last 3 armour pieces on 9 traits and thought I would post this here as an easy display of what I can craft since the twice born star post has been buried.The intention of this post is to show what i can craft and for yo...
Small Callaghan83 1y
Callaghan83 131274Member avatar small Hitman_Spinksy1 1y

Training gear?

Hi all,I've been slowly researching as many traits as possible, but for the life of my cannot seem to find med. armour gear with the training trait. Is it possible to research traits on gear that is crafted by another player? If so, is anyone will...
Member avatar small Gane'shas 1y
Gane'shas3474Member avatar small Gane'shas 1y

Craftable 9-traits Gear

Here is the list of items that we can already craft...We are working on all of them, so for more info about the progress, you can check Twice-born Star Project...LIGHTRobe - David (Callaghan83), Cim (Cim0074)Shoes - David (Callaghan83)Gloves - Dav...
Small Cody_svk 2y
Cody_svk3689Member avatar small Merkzz23 2y

lvling Provision

Hey all Snowbornians!Im currently lvling my provisioning and ive made it to lvl 39 this far. So if theres any spare mats/recipes i can take em off ur hand either for gold or for free. Im looking for Max Stam+Max Health v10+ Food Recipes aswell.Thx...
Member avatar small KimBinger 2y
KimBinger12583Member avatar small KimBinger 2y

Item needed

It's going to take me close to 2 months to research; but I've got 8 traits for Heavy Armour, for chest, waist, hands, legs and feet. So if any members are after crafting their own Orgnum Scales set, or something, hit me up over PSN and I'll share ...
Member avatar small SullSteez 2y
Grymligast2358Small Cody_svk 2y

Changing Items from Crafters is good? -> Someone interested in exchange?

I heard that changing items between crafters is good because deconstructing items from other players gives more points. Is that true? If that's the case I'm looking for someone to exchange. Apparently for the guild bank there are other plans, so t...
Small sholvar 2y
sholvar2280Small kavanagh-01 2y
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