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Guides and Advice

[Pinned] Rules about Inactivity (New Version)

Rules about guild inactivityWe are active social guild, so we are looking for people that fit in our culture – players who participate in guild activites, events, competitions or are in contact with other guildmates via voice or text chat, website...
Small Cody_svk 2y
Cody_svk0326Small Cody_svk 2y
Guides and Advice

Pricing of items

If any of yous are like me and have no idea how much items sell for or even a rough price.I've found this website which someone has set up a database on averages of what items sell for although it's Xbox1 prices. It should still give you a rough i...
Small Infuzedx 2y
Infuzedx2586Small McAttack 2y
Guides and Advice

Help me please, looking for suggestions and honest opinions.

Recently got back into the game and I'm excited to learn and improve in Cyrodiil.I don't know what is the meta at the moment (Magic builds), but I was thinking of trying a combination of Vicious Death, Shroud of the Lich, and Will Power.Bar 1 wo...
Small sxnvlnce 2y
sxnvlnce6857Small sxnvlnce 2y
Guides and Advice

Vampire high elf

Ok so I have a lvl 20 high elf sorc but I was thinking should I become a vampire so I can get more magica regen I play as a ranged DPS, healer so would me becoming a vampire help me in the long run or would it make my build less effective all help...
Member avatar small Wee_red_one 2y
Wee_red_one7902Small KillerKonijn 2y
Guides and Advice

Caps and attributes

Hello.Since i am only just starting to play i wonder if there are any soft and hard caps for magika health and stamina. And for other things?I am trying to make a high elf dk vampire fire mage.. dont kniw if it is anything good or not, but i like ...
Small KillerKonijn 2y
KillerKonijn4512Small Callaghan83 2y
Guides and Advice

Veteran White and Gold Tower Walkthrough and Mechanics

Hey guys!! As promised, this is a guide to completing Vet White and Gold Tower. Still need 1 more video which i will upload this week.The reason I do this dungeon constantly is because I plan on using the 2 piece set, which is extremely good for ...
Small sxnvlnce 3y
sxnvlnce67742Member avatar small KimBinger 3y
Guides and Advice

XP between Alliance Ranks

LINKI thought this would be handy to have here seen as though we are playing a lot more PVP these days.I personally like to know how far away i am to that elusive magicka detonation :)Overview:Here is a list of the Skills that go along with the PV...
Small Williscraft 3y
Williscraft0347Small Williscraft 3y
Guides and Advice

Nightblade Build/Tips

Hello Snowborn and fellow nightblades. After endless hour's of redistributing skill points, crafting new gear and swapping skills i though i should share my build. Its a easy build to play, tho slightly squishy. It hits with a deadly burst that wi...
Small BettySwollocks 3y
BettySwollocks0860Small BettySwollocks 3y
Guides and Advice

Things you wish you knew when starting out

Oh hi, didn't see you there, (I was too busy blocking out the haters)I'd like to create a guide about all of the small things you've learnt playing the game which you wish you had known from the start and I thought it might be a good idea to crowd...
Small kavanagh-01 3y
kavanagh-01111513Member avatar small Triggahippy 3y
Guides and Advice

How to level up?

Hi guys,Recently hit vr 10, done all the quest in all zones except craglorn but its only group quest there. Where do I level up now? Is it PvP grind, or doing dungeons? Dungeons are quite hard with pugs(90% dont even have a microphone), pvp is qui...
Small Olle 3y
Olle111998Small LithGoose 3y
Guides and Advice

What level is good to Enter Craglorn?

Hi folks!Just looking for some advice on what level is good to enter Craglorn?Thanks!Goose
Small LithGoose 3y
LithGoose4786Small LithGoose 3y
Guides and Advice

Questions about gear at VR levels

Hello,I have just hit VR 1 last week and I'm close to VR3 now, and I was thinking I need to start worrying about gear. I am still wearing stuff I have found lying around, although it's all VR1/2. The only set pieces I have is a warlock necklace an...
Small Marhave 3y
Marhave5842Small Marhave 3y
Guides and Advice

MMO Glossary

Confused by all of the technical jargon being tossed about with gay abandon like a cheap shop-bought vinaigrette over a baby leaf salad? New to the MMO scene? Romaine calm, there's no need to worry. We here at Snowborn have got you covered (or 'fi...
Small kavanagh-01 3y
kavanagh-013459Small kavanagh-01 3y
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