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General Discussion & Introductions

[Pinned] New Introductions

I was talking to King Cody Last night and we thought it would be a good idea for a new Introduction thread to be started. The old thread has mostly players from before most of us joined the guild, so that thread will be moved to a new area dedicat...
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General Discussion & Introductions

[Pinned] Fantasy Premier League

Not sure if anyone else is arsed about this, but we had a Snowborn League last season and i figured some people might enjoy it if we do it again. Link to the website League (43225-15674 code to join)https...
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Erik The Black-Bear163078Small BettySwollocks 3y
[Pinned] PETS
General Discussion & Introductions

[Pinned] PETS

I have two catshere's Penelope, she's the girl catthis is Parker, he's the boy catand before you ask, yes, they are a higher rank in the guild than you
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[Pinned] Guild Policy 4.0
General Discussion & Introductions

[Pinned] Guild Policy 4.0

/ This Policy was updated on March 30, 2016 /Updates from Guild Policy 3.0:- overall correction of outdated information- mission & vision- updated ranks and their description- benefits from Snowborn and expectations of each Snowbornian- info a...
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General Discussion & Introductions

Anniversary daily runs

I know it is almost the end of these now... but just wanted to say it was great to meet with many old - and new - Snowbornians in Wrothgar yesterday!I will be doing these every evening till the end of the event, so if you need a buddy for the dail...
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General Discussion & Introductions

Why we play games

The beauty of gamesHe mirrored himself in the depthnees of his opponents eyes, and with a trembling movement of his right hand towards the board, he tried to get a reaction, any reaction, just a hint of something not right. Nothing happened and an...
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General Discussion & Introductions


HelloThanks for accepting my application!I've been playing ESO Morrowind for roughly 10 days, wandering round not quite knowing what I'm doing. Luckily I have a friend who plays on Xbox One so I've had some tips from him. One of the main ones he g...
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General Discussion & Introductions


Sorry not been on last few days guys been swamped at work, should be back to normal in a day or so :) hope all keeping well! :)
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General Discussion & Introductions

Werewolves wanted!

I've been thinking about turning myself into a werewolf for a while now but have not got around to it so far. I was looking into the passives and came across thisCall of the Pack. - Passive - Call of the Pack Passive Rank I •Increases the duration...
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General Discussion & Introductions

Vet Pledges with Platypus-Skin Baggage

Hey y'all. Just wanted to pop in and say I had a great time last night doing the pledges with you guys, as well as the COA II run. I appreciate y'all carrying me (yes, I know I was being carried) and I'm committed to doing some weaving/canceling/r...
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General Discussion & Introductions

By Way Of Introduction

I'll TRY and keep this short ;)Hello, I am CmdrShapeless or shapeless79 and you may know me from such MMO's as ;Star Wars GalaxiesWorld Of WarcraftLord Of The Rings OnlineCity Of Heroes / VillainsStar Trek OnlineNeverwinterStar Wars: The Old Repub...
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General Discussion & Introductions


Hey guys, I'm new here so I'm a bit confused with how things work. Do we join trials through the trial section here in the forums, or is there something else? Thanks.
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General Discussion & Introductions

Leaving :(

Hey Guys,I haven't been online much lately but I did log in for a game or two. I'm now getting on with life got a new job etc so do not have time for any games. I'm getting rid of my PS4. I will be giving away ALL my stuff so make sure anyone that...
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General Discussion & Introductions

Finally hit level 50....

What a grind it was to, esp from 40 on! I'm done with being everyone's mail man or errand boy lol. I'm looking at hooking up with people regularly to do everything end game, trails, undaunted and defo PvP, would be great to start playing with the ...
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General Discussion & Introductions

Hello all

Just a quick stop by to say hey to all, thanks for accepting my application. Generally happy to be part of this guild, I love mmos but tend to find guilds in them are in active and/or unwilling to hook up! Everything I've seen from snowborn has me...
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General Discussion & Introductions

How much time did you spend on ESO?

So, with the new textchat we finally have the opportunity to check our playtime.To check it, just type into the chat /played and you will get the playtime of this specific toon.Mine was yesterday at 1.666 hours of my 4 chars combined. Seems like I...
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General Discussion & Introductions

30/08 Sewers with blues

My point of view from last nights blue massacre
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General Discussion & Introductions

Hey guys

Thanks for accepting my application can't wait to get in game with you all and introduce myself properly due to work commitments will be more active on here and the line chat between game sessions.If anyone could send me the link to the chat threa...
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General Discussion & Introductions

A must have for any retro gamers out there!

Thought i would post this here for any *ahem* retro gamers out there that would like to take part in this kickstarter. I signed up yesterday and can't wait til it's release in January 2017! NES/Famicom
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General Discussion & Introductions


Well I was hoping to come back to the game today but doesn't seem like it as theres a 99h+ update even though I have a 60mpbs line lol Will probs see you guys tomorrow :D
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