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Becoming the guildmaster of Snowborn is not to be taken lightly, so on Tuesday, August 1, at 7pm BST (UK time), there will be crowning ceremony where Kim will become the guildmaster of Snowborn...You don't want to miss this, so make sure to come, and come prepared! Below is the list that will help you come prepared:

- be on time (7pm) at Snowborn Beach House (primary residence of Cody)
- bring and wear visible Snowborn Guild Tabard
- put 2 emotes in your quick slot - Kneel (Ceremonial category), Celebration (Entertainment category)
- bring flowers (or different gift)
- disable ability toolbar, nameplates and other stuff in options to make screenshots better

After crowning ceremony, we will celebrate new leader with Hide & Seek at Snowborn Beach House

---About Me - Guildmaster of Snowborn---

Ancient Death - Sorcerer - (build)
Codyganius - Templar - (build)
Princess Hayley - Nightblade - (build)
Ko´shakya - Sorcerer - (build)
Iyatiku - Dragonknight - (build)
Ri´saeh - Nightblade
Eats-Meat - Dragonknight - (build)
Queen Verdandi - Templar - (build)

(My Maelstrom Weapon Statistics)
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