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#12939523 Dec 22, 2016 at 10:13 PM · Edited 7 months ago
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This is the best means of leveling Alchemy that i have seen. Basically the guide will give you a list of combinations to craft potions and poisons, unlocking ALL plant and ingredient traits as efficiently as possible.

Whether or not you care about being able craft potions and poisons, everyone participating in end game activities will want that sweet, sweet passive that grants 30% increase duration to potion recovery effects (Major Fortitude, Major Endurance, and Major Intellect which all grant 20% increased recovery to health, stamina, and magicka respectively)

So, first off you will need some skill points. To be as efficient as possible you will need to spend one in your proficiency level every time you can. I think this is at Alchemy level 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 49, and 50.
And don't forget the Champion point passive that grants 20% to inspiration gain.

Next you will need some plants:
Beetle Scuttle - 3
Blessed Thistle- 5
Blue Entoloma- 3
Bugloss- 2
Butterfly Wing- 3
Columbine- 3
Corn Flower- 3
Dragonthorn- 4
Emetic Russula- 4
Fleshfly Larva - 4
Imp Stool- 3
Lady's Smock- 3
Luminous Russula- 4
Mountain Flower- 3
Mudcrab Chitin- 4
Namira's Rot- 4
Nightshade- 2
Nirnroot- 8
Scrib Jelly- 4
Spider Egg- 5
Stinkhorn- 3
Torchbug Thorax- 3
Violet Coprinus- 3
Water Hyacinth- 5
White Cap- 4
Wormwood- 5

To be precise. Not much really is it??
Then you will need plenty of the various level water and oils. It can be either really. As combining as part of a poison or potion will always reveal the same traits.

Now then, the mega list;
Beetle Scutle & Mudcrab Chitin
Beetle Scutle & Butterfly Wing
Beetle Scutle & Violet Coprinus
Blessed Thistle & Namira's Rot
Blue Entoloma & White Cap
Blue Entoloma & Butterfly Wing
Blue Entoloma & Nirnroot
Bugloss & White Cap
Columbine & Bugloss
Columbine & Wormwood
Columbine & Blessed Thistle
Corn Flower & White Cap
Corn Flower & Blessed Thistle
Dragonthorn & Stinkhorn
Dragonthorn & Blessed Thistle
Dragonthorn & Water Hyacinth
Dragonthorn & Wormwood
Emetic Russula & Water Hyacinth
Emetic Russula & Violet Coprinus
Emetic Russula & Luminous Russula
Fleshfly Larva & Torchbug Thorax
Fleshfly Larva & Scrib Jelly
Fleshfly Larva & Imp Stool
Fleshfly Larva & Nightshade
Imp Stool & Mountain Flower
Imp Stool & Nirnroot
Lady's Smock & Violet Coprinus
Lady's Smock & Corn Flower
Lady's Smock & Water Hyacinth
Luminous Russula & Mountain Flower
Luminous Russula & Spider Egg
Mountain Flower & Blessed Thistle
Mudcrab Chitin & Nightshade
Mudcrab Chitin & White Cap
Namira's Rot & Wormwood
Namira's Rot & Water Hyacinth
Namira's Rot & Nirnroot
Nightshade & Nirnroot
Nirnroot & Butterfly Wing
Scrib Jelly & Spider Egg
Scrib Jelly & Blessed Thistle
Scrib Jelly & White Cap
Wormwood & Spider Egg
Spider Egg & Mudcrab Chitin
Stinkhorn & Emetic Russula
Torchbug Thorax & Wormwood
Torchbug Thorax & Nirnroot
Torchbug Thorax & Stinkhorn
Water Hyacinth & Luminous Russula
Wormwood & Water Hyacinth
Butterfly Wing & Spider Egg
Nightshade & Nirnroot
Spider Egg & Nirnroot

Combining in this order will reveal all plant and poison traits in the game giving you the botanist and toxicologist achievements. Now the easy part.

Just pick two plentiful ingredients that make a brew. Since you know every trait on every resource, if two ingredients say they will make an "unknown potion" it means it will make nothing.
I chose to make tons of potions and poisons out of 'Blue Entolloma' and 'Spider Eggs' as I had a lot of them. And remember, Making a potion out of two or three ingredients makes no difference to inspiration gain. SAVE YOUR MATS!!

I leveled Alchemy on two chars yesterday in about 25 mins.

This is where I originally got this information, it's definitely worth taking a look in case you have any questions on anything I may have missed.
#13612462 Jan 18, 2018 at 03:18 PM
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Was missing 1 trait on Dragonthorn (+wormwood) and 1 trait on Namiras Rot (+Nirnroot)

List is updated.

Though ive been using this guide a bunch of times with same result of 2 missing traits, I have forgotten to update it.

But now its done. Better late than never right?
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