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Rules about guild inactivity

We are active social guild, so we are looking for people that fit in our culture – players who participate in guild activites, events, competitions or are in contact with other guildmates via voice or text chat, website, LINE app or PSN community. In other words, those people who are not just another name on our guild roster. Therefore, in order to keep our guild roster updated with real Snowbornians, we are adding some new rules regarding inactivity, demotion and possible removal. These rules are mainly to help us remove players who don’t show interest in being in our guild, so active players don’t need to worry.

The whole point is to make removal a slow process of demotions with informative message rather than instant removal. This way players will be informed that they are in risk of being removed – thus they have chance to become more active.

To simply describe the process, player that is not active for over a month will be demoted to lower rank. This will continue until he reached Recruit rank. Player who is demoted back to Recruit rank will be informed about this by PSN message that will be sent to him. This message will inform him about his inactivity and demotion to Recruit rank, which means that he is in risk of being removed if his inactivity continues.

Elite Rank – inactive for 1 month results in demotion to Exalted rank
Exalted Rank – inactive for 1 month results in demotion to Member rank
Member Rank – inactive for 1 month results in demotion to Recruit rank
Recruit Rankmessage about inactivity + removal after continued inactivity

- Everybody should note that becoming active will stop the process of demotion, so player is able to change and become active.

- This process does not start if player informs Officer about the reason of his inactivity, so there is no need to worry about getting demoted after vacation or break caused by external factors like extra work or some issues. (as long as you inform us, because surprisingly we cannot read your mind)

- There is new ranked called Recruit + which is basically new version of Recruit Rank. Recruit + is rank to differentiate active and inactive recruits – in other words, to see which recruits are active and which are in risk of being removed. This rank is added because we don’t want to make all recruits feel that they are in risk of being removed, so this way even recruits can feel comfortable with this Recruit + rank.

- Getting removed does not mean being banned from Snowborn - even those whose inactivity ends with removal can get second chance -> all they need to do is to apply again or ask Officer to reopen their old application.
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