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/ This Policy was updated on March 30, 2016 /

Updates from Guild Policy 3.0:
- overall correction of outdated information
- mission & vision
- updated ranks and their description
- benefits from Snowborn and expectations of each Snowbornian
- info about new tools like PSN community, Mentors or LINE app
- info about activities like Weekly Riddle, Weekly Poll, Dueling
- guide to the website (pc version)

Mission & Vision

We want to be the best small social guild for people who are playing ESO. We want to bring more activities and tools which will help our members enjoy playing ESO even more. We continuously improve and create new tools, activities and competitions to become even better and more successful. We don’t ask our members to pay any fees, but instead, we reward our members for their activity and support to our guild to show our appreciation for their effort.


  • Guildmaster Cody – This is the unique rank of our leader. He can do anything from withdrawing gold from the guild bank to promoting or kicking members. He also decides about the important changes and improvements in the guild. Directly responsible for creating and updating Message of the Day, Weekly Schedule, Weekly Riddles, Applications, PSN community news shouts, News on the website and any official announcements or information.
  • Officer - Officers are the well informed, loyal and active players who are here to help not only the guildmaster, but also the members. They have access to withdrawing items from the guild bank. Officers also take part in important decision making. Since they are well informed, they can be contacted by members for more detailed information about the guild and its activities. The Guildmaster can give Officers special tasks which are about helping in areas in which he needs some help
  • Elite Member – This is rank for the most active and loyal players who do not have the rank of Officer. To earn this rank, one must be guild active for long time and must be well known by other guildmates. As the reward for their loyalty, Elite Members have access to the guild bank.
  • Exalted Member - a member who has been active in the guild or is a truly treasured member of our community. They cannot do anything more compared to Members, but are rewarded with higher rank than casual or new members to show off their progress in the guild.
  • Member - Fully fledged Snowbornian, the lifeblood of the guild. This rank is awarded to players who have been active in the guild and have fulfilled all the requirements to become a Member. The requirements to become Member are:
  • - written own Guild Note- submitted their application on the website which has been accepted- showed some activity in the guild and are recognizable by some guildmates
  • Recruit - Recruits are new additions to the guild – new players who have already been invited to the guild, but have not been participating enough or have not fulfilled the requirements to become Members yet.
  • Inactive – These are the players who have not been active for quite a long time, so they are marked as inactive. Players with the rank of Inactive are removed from the guild if they do not become active again for longer period of time.

Guild Bank

The guild bank has a limited capacity of 500 items, as such we would ask that members should not deposit in very small stacks if possible, because the items do not stack in the guild bank. (stacking needs to be done manually by Elite Members, Officers or Guildmaster) The items in the guild bank will be used to craft gear for guild members. Please note that only Elite Members and above can see what is in the guild bank, if any member needs any items then please ask preferably an Officer and we will do our utmost to help.


Just don't be a dick to other guild members. Officers and Mentors are here to offer advice, help with crafting etc. Feel free to bother them with questions/requests for help. We have shown that we have no qualms kicking members who insult/abuse/offend other members, we will gladly get rid of one person if it makes several more comfortable. We're all about puppies and cuddles here. Puppies, cuddles and hard-core raiding (MLG!)

Guild Trader

We do not have the resources to maintain a guild trader and so have decided that we shall not be attempting to bid on one any time soon. We would ask that any member who wants access to a guild trader join a trading guild and be aware that you may join up to five guilds at one time so being in a trading guild does not in any way affect your being in Snowborn. Apologies is this is not convenient, we would have loved to offer a guild trader to our members. In case you need help with getting into a trading guild, please contact Officers or Guildmaster, because we can invite you to third party trading guilds.

Guild Song

Our guild song is the wonderfully tuneful Black and Gold by Sam Sparro
(applicants take note!)

  • Anyone who would like to join the guild must apply through the website (otherwise you would not be able to use the website which is an important tool of the guild)
  • You need to show the interest in the guild and that you want to be here and participate.
  • The key thing we are looking for in applicants is dedication, not how active you are or how involved, but what you will bring to the community of the guild.
  • Guildmaster and officers decide about the application and recruitment.
  • Once an applicant is accepted they will be invited into the guild as a Recruit. Once a Recruit, it is up to the person whether he shows his interest by activity and participation in the guild or not.

Every Snowbornian is able to join:
  • Snowborn website (must)
  • Snowborn in-game guild (must)
  • Snowborn PSN community (optional)
  • Snowborn LINE app (optional)
Every Snowbornian is expected to:
  • write his own in-game Guild Note (and keep it updated)
  • stay informed about guild news (for example, reading Message of the Day)
  • answer Weekly Polls on the website (one simple question each week)
  • show some kind of activity in the guild
Every Snowbornian can:
  • participate in events of Weekly Schedule, Weekly Riddles, Weekly Polls or any other activities and competitions
  • gain access, talk, chat or just hang out in our in-game voice channel or in our LINE app group
  • gain access and read or create posts and comments on our Forums on the website
  • gain access and watch or share his own videos in Video Clips section on the website
  • gain access, read about or share his own ESO experiences and pictures in our PSN community
  • ask Mentors for help for advice or info about his build, game or the guild
  • ask and have his gear and consumables crafted by professional crafters
  • make new friends and get help with grouping for activities
  • get our Guild Tabard and show that he is part of Snowborn

Crafting for members

Our Officers are happy to craft for members whenever they feel they need new gear, given they aren't taking the piss and asking for new gear every few levels/every day, however any member who reaches VR1 or VR14 can request a full set of very, very good gear crafted for them. We will provide for you the best gear we can, weapons, armor and glyphs all part of good sets and all in a style you like and this will all be done completely free of charge. This is something we are very excited to offer our members and we hope this serves as encouragement to those struggling with the slog of the VR grind.

Additional Info about Snowborn

  • We use our first names or nick names instead of psn ID, because it is easier to call someone “Vince” instead of “sxnvlnce”. Members should write their name or nickname to their Guild Note as well as rank and role of their active characters
  • All Members 1” voice channel is one of the 2 the main places to chat, hang out and organize things, so make sure you join it while playing. If you are shy to talk from the beginning, you can just listen to others and start talking later after you get to know some people if it would make you more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to talk even if your English is not perfect, there is not everyone a native speaker. Also, if you want to ask something or do a pledge, DSA, or whatever, you can just use PSN messages or the website if you don’t want to ask in the voice channel.
  • LINE app is the second main place to chat, hang out and organize things. Here players can group up more easily for guild activities – whether it is info about upcoming or ongoing activity or just looking for people for stuff like dungeons. Even though the main purpose is grouping up for some activities, it also serves as written from of our “All Members 1” voice channel, so feel free to ask any questions over there. This may be the way to become active in the guild if you are shy to talk from start. There are 2 Snowborn chats - Snowborn Chat and Snowborn Grouping - the first is for normal chatting and the second one is purely for grouping
  • Message of the Day is the place where you can find the latest and most important info about Snowborn. Make sure you read it to stay informed. You can easily find out whether you have read the most recent updated version just by looking at the number on the top of MotD (for example, News for Week 3.1 – the number “3” means the news are for 3rd week of Weekly Schedule and the decimal number “.1” means that the news have been updated during the week) Message of the Day can be found in game (Options -> Social -> Guilds -> Snowborn) or on the website (Forums -> Message of the Day)
  • Weekly Schedule is a plan of events on certain days in a week. It is not mandatory to participate in these events, Weekly Schedule is more like an organizational tool to group players and have fun together. You can always check the current Weekly Schedule in Message of the Day. You can also let us know what new events you would like to have and we may include them to our Weekly Schedule.
  • Trials are 12 people group dungeons. We would like to do them each week, but it is only for higher level players, so at the moment, there is not enough players interested or able to participate. Nevertheless, we are trying and will not give up!
  • The main purpose of our PSN community is to share your ESO experiences or pictures with us. Also, important info, events of Weekly Schedule and Weekly Riddle are posted in the community in form of news shouts, so it will help you not forget about any event and you will not miss out any important info.
  • Website is an important tool of Snowborn. Even though Message of the Day contains the most important info, there is not space for everything, so the website is a place for more detailed info, further information, forums, guild roster, introduction section, suggestion box, polls and much more. You can use the website to communicate with other guild mates – you can use chat, messages or forums. You can view our short website guide at the bottom.
  • Forums are on the website. There are many sections from Official Announcements, Message of the Day, Suggestions Box, to sections like Activities & Competitions, Trials, Professions, Guides and Advice or Mentors, Video Clips. And of course, there is General Discussions and Introductions for posts that do not fit to any other sections. Therefore, you can read a lot of info, and you also have enough space and opportunity for your opinions, suggestions, questions or any other info that you want to share.
  • Weekly Poll is a way through which we can easily get feedback from our members or some topics. Weekly Poll can be found on the website and we would really appreciate if everyone could answer Weekly Poll, which is one simple question about certain topic, each week, so we can get your feedback. This is important, because Snowborn is not about Guildmaster or Officers, but about everybody, so we want your opinion to take part on the decision making – and that is best achieved by answering Weekly Poll
  • Weekly Riddles is a weekly activity. It is basically a riddle from Elder Scrolls world. Members can try to solve and then submit their answers by PSN message to Guildmaster Cody (Cody_svk). People who solve the riddle will receive reward and those who send wrong answer will be given hint or clue to help them solve the riddle. This is an individual activity, so please do not spoil the fun of it by sharing the answers to others.
  • Mentors is a service that we provide. Each new player is assigned with a mentor (by comment in their application). Mentors are here to help new players with the game or fit in the guild by providing useful information about the guild, game mechanics, classes and builds or any other related info. However, we don’t want to bother you with any stuff if you just want to enjoy the questing for some time, so it is up to the players to contact and ask their mentor for help or advice.
  • There is also Video Clips section on the website, so if you want, you can check some Snowborn gameplay. Once you are part of the guild, you will be able to post also your video clips and show them to other guild mates. Thus, even when being in work or on vacation where you don’t have access to your console, you can still enjoy ESO by watching our gameplay.
  • If you are not experienced with group dungeons or Dragonstar Arena, we will gladly take any member through dungeons or arena, while teaching what to do and how to play, so don’t be afraid to ask. We all had to go through our first dungeon or DSA.
  • We also offer the option of Dueling to our members. As much as we would like to, so far we were unsuccessful with finding another guild with which we could do some dueling. However, Guildmaster Cody has some characters in other alliances, so we are able to organize dueling or dueling training for people that are interested.

Short Website Guide (PC version)

---About Me - Guildmaster of Snowborn---

Ancient Death - Sorcerer - (build)
Codyganius - Templar - (build)
Princess Hayley - Nightblade - (build)
Ko´shakya - Sorcerer - (build)
Iyatiku - Dragonknight - (build)
Ri´saeh - Nightblade
Eats-Meat - Dragonknight - (build)
Queen Verdandi - Templar - (build)

(My Maelstrom Weapon Statistics)
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