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Hey Snowbornians, another competition is here!

In Photographers competition you can win money by taking and sending nice pictures…Most pictures in the Picture News were taken by me, Cody, so they mostly include my characters…However, this is not Cody´s guild, but it is Snowborn guild, so it should include pictures of all Snowbornians…So, I decided to create a competition where you can send me nice photos that you take in-game…These photos need to include at least one Snowbornian, they need to have good quality* and should be unique in some way. If you take a picture that fulfils these requirements, you can send it to me via PSN message (my ID is Cody_svk) and I will store them…When there are some news that should be in Picture News, I will try to choose one of the photos that were sent to me for this competition as a photo for in the Picture News…If I choose your photo for the Picture News, you will receive 10 000 gold and also everyone would see that photo in the Picture News of the website…Also, each Snowbornian that is on the photo will receive 1 000 gold…

Info about the competition:

  • now
  • none/announcement about the end
  • need to be taken by Snowbornian
  • need to include at least 1 Snowbornian
  • need to be photo with good quality*
  • should be unique in some way
  • none, just send the pictures
  • create and send nice photos to Cody to have a chance to win
  • 10 000 gold for each selected photo for Picture News
  • your photo in Picture News on the website
  • 1 000 gold to each Snowbornian in the photo
  • 1 person can send only 2 pictures per week for the competition

Photos with GOOD QUALITY:
1 – do not include BQBC (big quality breaking component)
2 – can include MQBC (minor quality breaking component)
3 – can be cropped for the main area to crop off OQBC (outline quality breaking component)

Click here to view pictures with good and with bad quality

To send pictures for the competition, send them in a PSN message with description "Photographers" to Cody_svk
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