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#11801590 Nov 27, 2015 at 08:12 PM · Edited over 2 years ago
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- new colors (
Grey = need to buy nirnhoned item for research; Purple = learning nirnhoned at the moment but not learned all other traits)
- sign up columns for players who already learned, are learning or aim to learn 9 traits on that specific piece
- players can edit grey cells and change them back to normal if they purchase that nirnhoned item
- updated parts of the post are in green color

Hey guys,

Snowborn needs your help! We want Snowborn to be able to create 9 trait sets, but it would require too long for one player to learn 9 traits on all pieces, so we will try to create crafting professionals (people who can do a piece in 9 trait set) who will be together able to create a full set of 9 trait set...In order to do that, we need to find out who can become a crafting professional soon, so there is a document where potential (or already actual) crafting professionals can sign up...

- at least 7 traits on at least 1 piece
- players who do not quit playing ESO soon

How to sign up?
By this link, you can access the document where you can write your name next to the pieces on which you fulfil the requirements. There is a hint what color means what, so please use the colors according to their meaning

Blue - 9 trais learned
Green - learning 9th trait at the moment
Yellow - 8 traits learned
Orange - learning 8th trait at the moment
Red - 7 traits learned
Pink - learned nirnhoned but not learned all other traits
Purple - learning nirnhoded at the moment but not learned all other traits
Grey - need to buy nirnhoned item for research

You can now sign up on the left of the "Pieces" column if you already learned, learning or aim to learn 9 traits on the specific piece (note that you should not sign up for those that you will not be able to start with researching the 9th trait within a month if they can be researched sooner by other players)

Please do not do mess by changing other players inputs, just write your own without touching other cells with text

Twice-born Star Project document

P.S. thanks to Jesse who came up with this idea about this activity
---About Me - Guildmaster of Snowborn---

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Eats-Meat - Dragonknight - (build)
Queen Verdandi - Templar - (build)

(My Maelstrom Weapon Statistics)
#11802434 Nov 28, 2015 at 02:37 AM
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Awesome Cody! Thanks.
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