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Guild Bank List helps players to know which items can and what stuff they should not deposit to the guild bank. Tier 1 consists of the most useful items, Tier 3 items are not as important. Players should not deposit stuff that is not on the list (this will help to prevent the guild bank from being full). Here is the Guild Bank List 1.0:

Valuable Enchanting Runes:
- Oko, Deni, Makko, Hakeijo
- Jejora, Denata, Rekuta, Kuta
- Jora, Jera, Odra, Edora, Pora, Rera, Kura, Rejera, Repora
Valuable Tempers:
- Dwarven Oil, Embroidery, Turpen
- Grain Solvent, Elegant Lining, Mastic
- Tempering Alloy, Dreugh Wax, Rosin
Valuable Alchemy Ingredients:
- Columbine, Dragonthorn, Mountain Flower, Bugloss
Valuable Alchemy Solvents:
- Purified Water, Cloud Mist, Star Dew, Lorkhan´s Tears
Valuable BCW crafting materials:
- Rubedit, Ancestor Silk, Rubedo Leather, Ruby Ash
- Voidsteel, Voidcloth, Shadow Hide, Nightwood
Valuable Soul Gems:
- Empty or Filled Grand Soul Gems
PvP Supplies:
- Siege Weaponry, Repair Kits
Valuable Supplies:
- Rare Motif: Purple books, Dwemer Scrolls, Glass Scrolls
- Rare Style Mats: Dwemer Scrabs, Malachite Shards
- Fragments: Glass Fragments, Pjissic Ambrosia Fragments
IC Trophies:
- Monstrious Tooth, Bloody Claw, Bone Shard, Dark Ether, Mark of Legion, Planar Armor Scrabs

Valuable Sets:
- Warlock, Healer, Footman, Agility, Endurance, Willpower
Enchanting Runes:
- Any Runes
Provisioning Recipes:
- Any recipes
Provisioning Ingredients:
- Any food ingredients
Alchemy Ingredients:
- Any ingredients
Alchemy Solvents:
- Any solvents
Soul Gems:
- Any empty or filled Soul Gems

BCW crafting material:
- Any Raw Blacksmithing, Clothing or Woodworking Materials
- Any Refined Blacksmithing, Clothing or Woodworking Materials
- Honing Stone, Hemming, Pitch
Valuable Trait Gems
- Bloodstone(Infused), Carnelian(W Training), Emerald(A Training), Fire Opal(Sharpened), Ruby(Precise), Sapphire(Divines)

You can also view the colorful document version by clicking on this link:
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(My Maelstrom Weapon Statistics)
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