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Hey guys, Sexy Vince here. Over the last couple months we have been completing DSA pretty regularly, and I'm excited to say that we are ready to give Veteran DSA a go.

Purpose of this thread is to see who is actually interested in running this in Vet mode and to get a run going as soon as possible.

These are the people who have expressed interest so far:

Ben VR 10-12? Dk
Jesse VR 16 DK
Erik VR 16 DK

Adam VR 16 Templar
Cody VR 15 Templar
Fred VR16 Templar

Tom VR 16 Magicka Sorceror
Theo VR 14 Stamina Nightblade
Colin VR 16 Stamina Nightblade
Steve VR 16 Stamina NIghtblade
Dan VR 16 Stamina Nightblade
Conde VR 16 Magicka Nightblade

As you can see, we almost have enough for 3 groups :D
If you're interested let me know and I will add your name to the list.

Only requirements are that you must have completed Normal DSA a couple of times, so you understand certain mechanics. Also that you are open minded enough to try new things (Different skills, morphs, ultimates, tactics, anything that will help the team get through certain situations.)

All of the runs will be over PSN Party Chat instead of guild chat or group chat. (Better quality, less distractions)
Feel free to add any suggestions or anything I may have missed.

I want us to try ASAP, realistically this Friday October 23. Once we have groups sorted out we will figure out the times.
LVL 50 DarkElf Vampire Magicka NB
LVL 50 Redguard WW Stamina NB
LVL 50 HighElf Vampire Templar
LVL 50 DarkElf Vampire Sorcerer
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