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Hey everybody!

From now on, our in-game Message of the Day is designed in a new way. There have been and will also be many new changes and improvements, so the Message of the Day will keep you up to date with the most important info. However, it would be unwise just to write stuff left and right without any structure, so I present you now the new design of Message of the Day. It includes:

- at the top, you are able to clearly see the current number of the week and whether it was updated during that week, therefore if you look at the number, you will know if there was a change in the Message of the Day since you last read it.
- As an example, we are currently in the second week (starting from the first Weekly Schedule), so you could see “News for Week 2.0”. The number 2.0 means it is 2nd week of Weekly Schedule and the MotD has not been updated since the start of that current week. If the MotD was changed/updated during the second week, you could see numbers 2.1, 2.2 and so on depending on the number of updates during that second week. From Monday to Sunday, when the 3rd week starts, the number will be changed to 3.0 and then to 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and so on if there are any updates during the 3rd week.

- below the Number of the Week, there is short info which will inform you about the latest news. If there is an update of MotD during the week, it will most likely be this part.

- below the latest info, there is Weekly Schedule for the current week. It will probably stay the same for each week except for Friday, because that is the day of Special Weekly Day. In case you don’t know, on Special Weekly Day we will try new events, so lets us know what events would you like to have and we can test them and see whether people like them or not. This day is to make each Weekly Schedule unique, so make sure you check what event is planned on Friday each week!

- below Weekly Schedule, there is the list of players participating in trial on Saturday. Players will be able to sign up through the page or by contacting an Officer for the upcoming trial on Saturday. This Trial List will help us to get an estimate of how many players will participate in the upcoming trial. The names of the players who are sure they will come will be added to the list and the names of the players who are unsure if they can come will be written in brackets. This way we will know how many players will come for sure, how many players are unsure if they can come and who will not participate. This should help us to prevent long waiting and then canceling trials on Saturday.

5) GUILD ACTIVITIES (coming soon)
- below Trial List, there will be list of available Guild Activities. You will be able to sign up for Guild activities on the website once they come available. These Guild Activities will be small activities to help the guild, so if you want to support the guild, you will be able to sign up for them.

New week starts at Monday, so Message of the Day will probably be updated to new week at Sunday night, so make sure you check it out to stay informed!

Your Officer, Cody
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