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- In case you are not aware, Weekly Schedule is our plan of events on the days in a week. It will mostly stay the same for each week...

Mondays: Alt Day
Quickly becoming a favourite among members, this is a day when we all play together with our alts or non-veteran characters. Non vet PvP and low level dungeons is the name of the game here. (Black-Water Blade is non-vet campaign)

Tuesday: PvP Day
Whether it's holding back the Aldmeri Dominion's relentless attacks in Cyrodiil or smashing through Covenant soldiers in the Imperial City, working together as a guild we can destroy our competition. Our primary server for this is Scourge so get yourself on there!

Wednesday: DSA/ Trails Practice
Try your hand at taking on the fearsome battlemaster in Dragonstar Arena. Can you defeat him and nab yourself that master's bow? We will always try and get as many people through the Arena as we can, depending on numbers of players online. Once we have enough players online we will also practice the infamous 12 man (or woman) trials.

Thursday: Craglorn
This one is for veteran players of any level. Getting those tricky quests finished is much easier with your mates so come along and join the party.

Friday: Special Weekly Event
Getting bored? These Special Weekly Events will change each week, so you can experience something unique each week! Let us know what events would you like to have, maybe it will be Special Weekly Event someday!

Saturday: Trials
Again this one is up to you, the players. If we have the numbers online we will brave the Trials and enter The Aetherian Archives. Trails Start at 9pm GMT.

Sundays: Free

These are in no way mandatory, but we do encourage members to take part in these events to help enrich everyone's experience of the game as well as the community as whole.

By Theo, edited by Cody
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