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Hey everyone!

Recently there have been many changes and many more are coming! The purpose of this post is to inform you about the recent changes and also about the upcoming improvements…I know this post is quite long, but there hasn´t been any official news like this since 25th August, so there are quite a few things to be mentioned...


– now it is the second week of this new event schedule, so in case you haven’t noticed yet, there are events planned on some days, so check them out and participate. At the moment, there are 5 events (Alt day, PvP day, Dungeon/DSA/Trial Day, Craglorn Day, Trial Run Day) and from next week, there will be special weekly event on Friday. Feel free to give us some ideas on which events you would like to have (we will be choosing special weekly events based on your suggestions), maybe people will like it and we can add it to the schedule.

- before, we had 1 Guildmaster (Ben) and 3 Officers (Conde, Theo, Adam), but now there are 3 Guilmasters (Ben, Conde, Theo) and 3 Officers (Adam, Cody, Erik) Also some members have been promoted from Members to Exalted Members, so participate, talk and help to get noticed in the guild to get promoted to Exalted Member!

- we have changed our Home Campaign from Thornblade to Scourge, because there are many more things to do, because Ebonheart Pact is not the dominant alliance in Scourge. In case you don’t understand why - more things to do means more Alliance Points and more fun! Make sure you set Scourge as your Home after the campaign ends, because that way you can change it for free.
- we also use Black-Water Blade as our main non-veteran campaign for Alt Days, so make sure you set it as Home or Guest on your non-veteran characters.
- actually, with the help of other people, it is possible to get to these campaigns even without having them as your Home or Guest, but it is better to have them set, because that way you can enter them anytime you want without anybody´s help.

- with the recent new officer promotions, I have become the new website admin (Cody_svk), so feel free to ask, suggest or criticize me for the website. Since I was promoted, I have been trying to get this website useful and up to date, thus my goal is to make this website being used more by us, the Snowborn.

- originally, the official news and announcement were meant to be posted in the NEWS tab, but there are complications with posting to the NEWS tab, so I created a new place for it in the forums – you can find it under News -> Official Announcements. This will be the place to look for the latest info and announcements of Snowborn, so make sure to check it out once in a while!


- this idea was mentioned quite some time ago, but still it haven’t been realized – until now! Guild Bank List is the list of items that players should and should not deposit into the guild bank. The advantage of Guild Bank List is that players will know which items are useful and what would just take precious space in our guild bank. The first version of Guild Bank list has already been created, so you can expect it soon!

- you may have already heard something about the list of players consisting of players who are leveling crafting professions. There still isn´t such list, so now is the time to finally change it! In case you don’t know what it the purpose of the list, players who are leveling their BCW crafting professions will be able to sign up on the list. (BCW = Blacksmithing, Clothing or Woodworking) The list will be on the website, so everyone will be able to see who is on the list and what crafting professions are they currently leveling. This way other players will be able to send stuff for deconstruction directly to these people on the list via in-game mail rather than depositing it to the guild bank. The Deconstruction Stuff List will be added to the new section – Guild Help Center!

- this will be the new section on the website. It will consist of two parts – Helping Players and Helping Guild. In the Helping Players section, players will be able create posts about things they need – that could be items, materials, sets or other things which can be in the guild bank or in possession of some guild mates or any others things with which the guild can help the players. The Deconstruction Stuff List will be in this sections, because it is basically a tool for the guild to help the players. The purpose of this section is to help players as a guild.
- The other section, Helping Guild, is the opposite – this will be the place where players could help the guild. In this section, there will be activities on which players will be able to sign up. These activities will be activities which will help the guild, so keep an eye for them when they become available. Guild Bank List will be included in this section, because it is basically a tool for players to help the guild. In case you were wondering why help the guild - the more help the guild gets, the more help the players will be able to receive back from the guild. After all, you are part of this guild, so support it!

- yes, new builds are coming to our website. As a sneak peak, “Heal Like Cody Build” and “Sorcerer Tank Off-Build” are already being worked on. These are totally unique builds, so make sure you check them out when they come out!

- Theo is already trying to set up dueling with other guilds, so hopefully we will find a guild with which we can do PvP duels!

These are the recent and upcoming changes and improvements. I hope you are exited and will participate and help the guild, because all of this is for us – THE SNOWBORN!

Your new Officer - Cody
---About Me - Guildmaster of Snowborn---

Ancient Death - Sorcerer - (build)
Codyganius - Templar - (build)
Princess Hayley - Nightblade - (build)
Ko´shakya - Sorcerer - (build)
Iyatiku - Dragonknight - (build)
Ri´saeh - Nightblade
Eats-Meat - Dragonknight - (build)
Queen Verdandi - Templar - (build)

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