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NEWS: Snowborn Reform

Find out about the reaction of Guildmaster to current issues and the plan of how to fix them with Snowborn Reform

NEWS: Cody is back as Snowborn Guildmaster

Once again, Codyhas become guildmaster of Snowborn...

ACTIVITY: Snowborn Challenges

Check out our unique guild achievements called Snowborn Challenges

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NEWS: Snowborn Builds & New Video Section

Read about the Snowborn Builds and new Video section

Video Story: BarCodyNeillness in Azura Imperial City

Watch the fun that Baroness, Cody and Neill had in Azura Imperial City

NEWS: Guild Video

Watch our Snowborn Video which explains what type of guild we are, what do we do and how we do it!

Video Story: Arnt+Cody+Davy

Awesome Night in Imperial City
Cody_svk / Mar 30, 2018

Post PictureHello Snowbornians!It may seem that I am not very active…However, even though it is true that I am not very active in game, I am still very active in Snowborn…Therefore, today I release Snowborn Reform which makes changes to the curren...

Cody_svk / Mar 13, 2018

News Picture:Hello Snowbornians,for those who don’t know me, I am Cody – a Snowbornian who was here since the beginning of the guild in June 2015. I have become guildmaster of Snowborn in January 2016, until I passed on the leadership to Kim in Au...