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ACTIVITY: Snowborn Challenges

Check out our unique guild achievements called Snowborn Challenges

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LINE: a mobile app for easier grouping

Help us try this application by downloading it and using it for the next few weeks

NEWS: Snowborn Builds & New Video Section

Read about the Snowborn Builds and new Video section

Video Story: BarCodyNeillness in Azura Imperial City

Watch the fun that Baroness, Cody and Neill had in Azura Imperial City

NEWS: Guild Video

Watch our Snowborn Video which explains what type of guild we are, what do we do and how we do it!

Video Story: Arnt+Cody+Davy

Awesome Night in Imperial City
*The-Baroness / Sep 23, 2017 / Announcement

Our Glorious Leader has opened his Primary Residence to the whole Guild. This will now be our official Guild House.It is currently under construction so if you do visit please be aware it currently looks like someone moving home... All crafting ta...

Cody_svk / Jul 29, 2017

Just few days after the launch of ESO in June 2015, Snowborn has come to life. At first, all I cared about was questing and leveling 3 of my 6 characters that I have created within the first 2 weeks of launch. However, it didn´t take long and soon...